An extensive range of equipment is available for air sterilization and decontamination in large and super-large occupied premises The principle of operation is direct exposure of the air to be decontaminated to a high-voltage “cold plasm”. As a result, the Yatagan air sterilization systems efficiently decontaminate air removing viruses, coronaviruses, staphylococci, mushroom spores, and other germs, even UF-resistant ones. The air sterilization efficiency is up to 99.9%.

Please refer to the Air Sterilization page for more information about the Yatagan line

For HoReCa companies: some Yatagan units use the innovative “cold plasm” air cleaning technology. It efficiently removes kitchen odors, fats, soot, and smoke in cafes and restaurants. The equipment is fire safe and resistant to open flames. With our products you can run catering businesses in landmark buildings since no roof chimney is required.

We offer an extensive range of air cleaning solutions for catering companies. They feature high cleaning efficiency, advanced technologies, and relatively compact dimensions.

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For manufacturing and other industries.

Manufacturing companies meet drastically different air cleaning challenges. They differences are air pollutant composition and concentrations, equipment operating conditions, contaminated air volumes, expected cleaning results, etc. 

For this reason the Yatagan products have modular design to match the specific site conditions and the required cleaning results.


General modular scheme air cleaning train

  1. Prefilter module (FPA / FOP / FSM / FK / FIO). Removing dust, fibers, aerosols, and other large particles.
  2. Module Hydrofilter (MGF/MTO). Air cooling, removing soot, aerosols, paraffines, silicone, resins, tar, etc.
  3. Electrostatic precipitation module (DUA/DUK). Removing aerosols, fumes, dust, partial removal of gases and odors.
  4. Plasma module (GRY). Removing gases, vapors, odors, air sterilization.
  5. Adsorption module (SES/SE/SET). Final air cleaning, removing gases, vapors, odors, aerosols, resins, etc.
  6. Catalyst module (SKN/SKT). Final air cleaning, removing vapors, gases, odors, and excessive ozone.
  7. Extra modules (MO/MK /MOV/MSK/MKN): Cooling, heating, drying, air mixing chambers, mist eliminators, reagent dosing units, automation modules, washing.

Plasma module

 Removes gases, organic vapors, and odors.

The “cold plasma” technology is very efficient for removing such gaseous substances as organic vapors and gases, hydrogen sulphide, and ammonia. The plasma technology removes virtually any air contaminants regardless of their composition or concentration. Only the required cleaning efficiency matters. The average cleaning efficiency of a standard plasma cell is 60% to 80% depending on the specific contaminant. To increase the efficiency, multiple cleaning modules are connected in series. For instance, the total efficiency of two cleaning stage is 85% to 95%, for thee stages: 90% to 99%, and so on.

The plasma technology is also a perfect choice for industrial air sterilization. Combined exposure to “cold plasma” and ozone destroys germ cell membranes, viruses, and spores. The average germ killing efficiency for one stage is 90%.

The plasma module includes gas discharge cells (GRY) and high voltage power supply units. The control system with and industrial-grade CPU can be integrated with the site’s computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) system.

Our Yatagan manufacturing company’s GRY speciality is that to achieve best results, we have developed and lab tested over 50 cold plasma cell designs. Finally, we created a cell with the highest efficiency and superb reliability.

Standard product range: from 1,000 to 60,000 m3/h

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