Pulp-and-paper mills (PPM)

Pulp-and-paper mills (PPM) Pulp-and-paper mills (PPM)

Specific air contaminants: hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, lignin decomposition products: phenols, organic acids, organosulfide compounds...

Air cleaning objective: ventilation exhaust purification

A conventional solution (cleaning stages):
1. Hydrofilter: air cooling and pre-cleaning
2. Plasma module: gases removal
3. Adsorption and catalyst module: air purification, excessive ozone removal

  • Cleaning efficiency: Vapor and gases removal: 99%
  • Consumables for cleaning 1,000 cu.m/h: Electric power: 1.0 kWh
  • Product range from 1,000 to 60,000 cu.m/h
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