Yatagan Smoke (modules MGF/MTO/DUK/SE)


Intended use: The Yatagan Smoke comprehensive air cleaner for restaurants is installed over grills and other open flame or charcoal ovens. It cools down fumes, arrests and catches sparkles produced by the open flame, removes fat, soot, and tar from the air, completely prevents their deposits in the air and exhaust ducts, and reduces grill / oven odor intensity.

Cleaning efficiency:

  • Smoke: up to 100%
  • Sparks: up to 100%
  • Soot: up to 100%
  • Fats and tar: up to 100%
  • Odor: up to 60%
  • Fume cooling from 350 °C to 50 °C

Yatagan Smoke principle of operation:

  1. It is a recirculating hydrofilter and spark arrester. It arrests sparks, prevents flashbacks, cools down exhaust fumes, condenses aerosols in the oven fumes, collects soot, fat and tar, partially removes smoke and odor.
  2. Heat exchanger and dryer. It heats up and dries the air downstream the hydrofilter. It is required to supply air to the electrostatic precipitation module. The fumes heat is utilized for air heating and drying.
  3. Electrostatic precipitation module. An electrostatic cell of the “free-hanging filament in a pipe” type is used. The device’s large capacity is sufficient to catch smoke particles. It is resistant to harsh operating conditions.
  4. The final cleaning module consists of cartridges with self-regenerating adsorbent and catalyst. The module retains the remaining smoke particles that have managed to pass through the previous sections.
  5. Unit control options: manual, weekly schedule, full automated (“Plug in and forget”).
  6. Yatagan Smoke online health and service intervals monitoring by the vendor’s tech support team.
  7. Emergency alerts (the fan stops, no water supply, etc.) with text messages or emails.

Yatagan Smoke specifications:

Model Capacity, up to cu.m/h Length (D), mm Height (H), mm Depth (V), mm Operating weight, kg
Yatagan «Smoke 1,0» 1000 1000 1250 600 300
Yatagan «Smoke 2,0» 2000 1350 1750 800 450
Yatagan «Smoke 3,0» 3000 1700 1975 800 525
Yatagan «Smoke 4,0» 4000 1820 2025 1000 700

* The specifications listed above are for reference only; the actual specifications may vary

Yatagan Smoke installation and operation

Yatagan Smoke installation and operation
  1. The Yatagan Smoke unit contains water and can be installed in any room with above-freezing temperature in winter to avoid water freezing and damage to the product.
  2. The Yatagan Smoke hydrofilter installation procedure is conventional for any HVAC equipment: it can be wall-mounted with brackets, floor-mounted on a support, bolted or attached by brackets to the ceiling, etc.
  3. With the adaptive flanges of the Yatagan Smoke unit, customers can select the best mounting location and integrate it into the exhaust HVAC system. It saves significant floor space inside the restaurant.
  4. The Yatagan Smoke unit is connected to the 220 V mains, tap water, and a sewage line.
  5. Only the front side shall be made accessible for easy operation and maintenance. It would be sufficient for monitoring, regular service, and gel container replacement.
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