Yatagan Side ZE (modules DUK/GRY/SE)

Side ZE

Intended use: The Yatagan Side ZE comprehensive for restaurants completely cleans kitchen exhaust air from smoke, oil and fat aerosols, and food odors. It also returns the cleaned air back into the room (except for rooms with grills and other open flame or charcoal ovens.)

Cleaning efficiency:

  • Smoke: up to 100%
  • Odor: up to 100%
  • Fats: up to 100%
  • Soot: up to 100%
  • Oil vapors: up to 100%

Yatagan Side ZE principle of operation:

  1. Air is drawn with the built-in fan through the labyrinth vertical fat catchers located behind the table.
  2. The electrostatic precipitation module is downstream the fat catchers. An electrostatic cell of the “free-hanging filament in a pipe” type is used. The device’s large capacity is sufficient to catch smoke and fat particles. It is resistant to harsh operating conditions.
  3. The plasma module removes odors downstream the electrostatic precipitation module. Inside the plasma module “cold plasma” field is generated by high voltage. The air to be cleaned passes through it, and the particles (odors) are destroyed and oxidized by the oxygen in the air.
  4. The final cleaning module consists of cartridges with self-regenerating adsorbent and catalyst. The module retains the remaining smoke and odor particles that have managed to pass through the previous sections.
  5. The purified air is removed through the top perforated cover of the Yatagan Side ZE. The air can also be removed through an optional duct.

Yatagan Side ZE specifications:

Model Height, mm Depth, mm Width, mm
Yatagan «Side ZE 0,65» 2260 830 650
Yatagan «Side ZE 0,75» 2260 830 750
Yatagan «Side ZE 0,85» 2260 830 850
Yatagan «Side ZE 0,95» 2260 830 950

* The specifications listed above are for reference only; the actual specifications may vary

Yatagan Side ZE installation and operation

Yatagan Side ZE installation and operation
  1. Yatagan Side ZE can be installed in any room provided that the ceiling height doe not exceed 2.7 m.
  2. The Yatagan Side ZE is installed on the floor and attached to the wall with its mounting holes.
  3. Yatagan Side ZE is connected to the 220 V mains.
  4. Only the front side of Yatagan Side ZE shall be made accessible for easy operation and maintenance. It is sufficient for monitoring, regular service, and maintenance.
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