Yatagan Safe Fire Hydrofilter And Spark Arrestor (modules MGF)

Safe Fire

Intended use: The Yatagan Safe Fire hydrofilter and spark arrestor is installed over outdoor and indoor grills, ranges, pizza stoves, tandyrs, grills, fireplaces, sauna furnaces, and other open fire or charcoal ovens. It cools down the fumes, arrests and catches sparkles produced by the open flame, removes fat, soot, and tar from the air and completely prevents their deposits in the air and exhaust ducts. Reduces odors and fumes coming from grills and ovens.

Cleaning efficiency:

  • 100% soot removal from fumes
  • 100% fat removal from fumes
  • 100% tar removal from fumes
  • 100% sparkle arrest and catching
  • 100% protection from flame
  • 30% smoke removal
  • 30% odor removal
  • Fume cooling from 450 °C to 50 °C

Yatagan hydrofilter operation:

  1. Grill or oven fumes get into the hydrofilter enclosure. The fumes can be as hot as 450 C. This part of the hydrofilter enclosure contains nozzles to create a curtain of large water drops. Fume passes across the water curtain. It is the first stage of cooling, spark arresting, and fume cleaning.
  2. Then the fumes and water drops get into another part of the hydrofilter filled with incombustible material that has an extensive labyrinth-like surface area. The Yatagan Safe Fire hydrofilter uses a layer of ceramic rings (Raschig rings) placed into a cartridge 100... 120 mm high. The water drops wet the surface of the rings; the fumes as they pass through the labyrinth of wet ceramic rings change their direction many times and contact the water on the labyrinth walls for a long time. It produces an efficient heat and mass transfer between the fumes and the water in the hydrofilter: the fumes are cooled down while the contaminants (soot, fat, smoke, tar, odors...) are transferred into water and washed away from the surface of the rings.
  3. Then the cleaned and cooled air enters the second part of the hydrofilter for extra purification and drying. For this, the Yatagan Safe Fire Hydrofilter uses the conventional industrial technology: a stainless steel labyrinth drip collector.
  4. The water accumulated in the hydrofilter enclosure is delivered to the nozzles to wet the labyrinth and to wash out the retained contaminants. Pumps in the hydrofilter circulate the water and supply it to the nozzles.
  5. For better fume cleaning efficiency and keeping the hydrofilter operational for long periods, a special gel surfactant is added to the circulating water. The gel continuously washes the wet labyrinth, protects it from soot and fat deposits, and improves fat and tar solubility in water.
  6. As the water in the hydrofilter gets contaminated or overheated, it is replaced automatically (contaminated hot water is drained to sewage while clear cold tap water is used to top up).
  7. An industrial grade CPU and a number of the hydrofilter sensors monitor the water level, its contamination, operation of the circulating pumps and fans, service intervals, etc.
  8. There are several options to control the Yatagan Hydrofilter: manual using the wall-mounted button panel (Start and Stop buttons), manual with the wall-mounted touchscreen panel, manual with the remote fob, manual with a PC or a tablet, weekly scheduling with a tablet, fully automated: no user intervention required.

Yatagan Safe Fire hydrofilter specifications

Model Capacity, up to cu.m/h Length (D), mm Height (H), mm Depth (V), mm Operating weight, kg
Yatagan «Safe Fire 1,0» 1000 900 600 450 110
Yatagan «Safe Fire 2,0» 2000 1150 700 650 170
Yatagan «Safe Fire 3,0» 3000 1225 750 850 250
Yatagan «Safe Fire 4,0» 4000 1550 900 850 325
Yatagan «Safe Fire 5,0» 5000 1550 950 1050 510
Yatagan «Safe Fire 6,0» 6000 1700 1100 1050 620
Yatagan «Safe Fire 7,0» 7000 2100 1200 1050 745

* The specifications listed above are for reference only; the actual specifications may vary

Yatagan Safe Fire hydrofilter installation and operation

Yatagan Safe Fire hydrofilter installation and operation
  1. The Yatagan Safe Fire hydrofilter contains water and can be installed in any room with above-freezing temperature in winter to avoid water freezing inside the product.
  2. The Yatagan Safe Fire hydrofilter installation procedure is conventional for any HVAC equipment: it can be wall-mounted with brackets, floor-mounted on a support, bolted or attached by brackets to the ceiling, etc.
  3. With the adaptive flanges of the Yatagan Safe Fire hydrofilter, customers can select the best mounting location and integrate the hydrofilter into the exhaust HVAC system. It saves significant floor space inside the restaurant.
  4. The Yatagan Safe Fire hydrofilter is connected to the 220 V mains, tap water, and a sewage line. The product does not require a control panel.
  5. Only the front side shall be made accessible for easy operation and maintenance. It would be sufficient for monitoring, regular service, and gel container replacement.
  6. The Yatagan Safe Fire hydrofilter controller has an alarm beeper. As a rule, nobody in a restaurant reacts to audio or visual alarms (because it is noisy, and everyone is busy), so the alarm can be disabled: the Yatagan hydrofilter controller will do the rest.
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