Yatagan OUT (modules FSM/GRY/SE)


Intended use: The Yatagan Out air cleaner is integrated into restaurant general exhaust HVAC systems and dedicated oven exhausts. It cleans exhaust air removing kitchen odors.

Cleaning efficiency:

  • Odor: up to 100%
  • Fat: up to 100%
  • Germs removal: 100%

Yatagan OUT principle of operation:

  1. Pre-filter removes fat aerosols. The pre-filter is a multilayer bundle of fine metallic mesh packed into a cartridge from 20 to 50 mm thick. When the pre-filter is overcontaminated, just wash it with regular detergents.
  2. Inside the plasma module “cold plasma” field is generated by high voltage. The air to be cleaned passes through it, and the particles (aerosols and odors) are destroyed and oxidized by the oxygen in the air. All the plasma module components are made of SS and glass. When the module efficiency reduces, just wash it with special detergents.
  3. Yatagan Out is a final air cleaner. It contains adsorbents and catalysts. As the gas converter operates, the substance retains and decomposes remaining air contaminants. It is then automatically regenerated as the gas converters runs idle.
  4. It is very easy to control Yatagan Out. No user intervention is required. It goes on and off automatically, notifies about next service, washing, and sends alerts as text messages of emails.

Yatagan Out specifications:

Model Capacity, up to cu.m/h Length (D), mm Height (H), mm Depth (V), mm Operating weight, kg
Yatagan «Out 1.0» 1000 1400 545 405 80
Yatagan «Out 2.0» 2000 1400 755 405 110
Yatagan «Out 3.0» 3000 1400 545 730 140
Yatagan «Out 4.0» 4000 1400 755 730 210
Yatagan «Out 5.0» 5000 2850 1225 790 520
Yatagan «Out 6.0» 6000 2900 1280 790 595
Yatagan «Out 7.0» 7000 2900 1500 790 700

* The specifications listed above are for reference only; the actual specifications may vary

Yatagan OUT installation and operation

Yatagan OUT installation and operation
  1. Yatagan Out can be installed in any room where the temperature is above freezing, and the RH does not exceed 80%.
  2. The Yatagan Out hydrofilter installation procedure is conventional for any HVAC equipment: it can be wall-mounted with brackets, floor-mounted on a support, bolted or attached by brackets to the ceiling, etc.
  3. The Yatagan Out enclosure design is similar to that of an AHU. You can always find the best way to install the Yatagan Out gas converter and to integrate it into the exhaust HVAC system. It saves significant floor space inside the restaurant.
  4. Yatagan Out is connected to the 220 V mains. The product does not require a control panel.
  5. Only the front side shall be made accessible for easy operation and maintenance. It is sufficient for monitoring, regular service, and maintenance.
  6. The Yatagan Out controller has an alarm beeper. As a rule, nobody in a restaurant reacts to audio or visual alarms (because it is noisy, and everyone is busy), so the alarm can be disabled: the Yatagan gas converter controller will do the rest.
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