Air cleaning for garages and car parks

Car parks, garages Car parks, garages

Internal combustion engines (ICE) produce exhausts containing hazardous gases and substances. As an ICE running in a confined space, the concentration of hazardous substances may become dangerous. There shall be hazard removal and air cleaning systems in place.

Specific air contaminants: Exhausts,incomplete combustion products, soot, carbon oxide…

Air cleaning objective: removing engine exhausts from the ventilation exhausts

A conventional solution (cleaning stages):
1. Protective pre-filter: dust removal, equipment protection
2. Electrostatic precipitation module: fumes and aerosols removal
3. Plasma module: gases removal
4. Adsorption and catalyst module: air purification, excessive ozone removal

  • Cleaning efficiency: 100% fumes and aerosols removal
    Vapor and gases removal: 95%
  • Consumables for cleaning 1,000 cu.m/h: Electric power: 1.0 kWh
  • Product range from 1,000 to 60,000 cu.m/h
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