"Yatagan K" Duct Air Sterilization Unit

Yatagan K

Intended use: Air cleaning and sterilization in occupied rooms. The Yatagan K units have no fan. They are integrated into recirculating or supply HVAC systems.

Efficiency of air sterilization units

  • Viruses, spores, germs removal: up to 99.9%
  • Hazardous organic gases and vapors removal: up to 90%
  • Odor removal (hydrogen sulphide, mercaptan, etc.): up to 95%

Yatagan K principle of operation:

The Yatagan units use the “cold plasma” technology. It is a commonly used name of the effect caused by a high-voltage discharge in the air. It covers a range of discharge types.

Yatagan air sterilization unit arrangement and operation:

Yatagan air sterilization unit arrangement and operation:
  1. G3 pre-filter. Removes large dust particles and aerosols from the air.
  2. Module GRY (Gas discharge cells) are designed to create a three-dimensional field “cold plasma” that kills all kinds of germs (bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.) 
  3. Catalyst cleaning stage. The plasma cells generate a lot of ozone. Its concentration is sufficient to kill germs. Excess ozone have to be removed before the air is supplied into the room. For this, the Yatagan units have composite cartridges containing sorbent and ozone decomposition catalyst. As a result, ozone is converted into oxygen, and the remaining ozone concentration does not exceed the safe threshold.
  4. Final filter. HEPA H11 – H13. The filter catches fine dust before supplying the air for humans to breathe. This cleaning stage is not mandatory. The HEPA filters in the Yatagan unit are optional.

Yatagan K features:

  • The Yatagan air sterilization units efficiently kill viruses bacteria, spores, fungi, etc. in large and super-large occupied rooms. No UV lamps, HEPA filters, or any other consumables required. The Yatagan service life is at least 8 years.
  • Easy to install into any recirculating or supply HVAC systems.
  • Industrial-grade air cleaning technology for the best disinfection results.
  • Reliable components, long service life.
  • Remove gases, vapors, and odors for better performance.

The Yatagan K line capacity: 1,500 cu.m/h; 3,000 cu.m/h; 4,500 cu.m/h; 6,000 cu.m/h; 7,500 cu.m/h; 9,000 cu.m/h; 10,500 cu.m/h; 12,000 and so on up to 100,000 cu.m/h.

Yatagan K specifications:

Model Capacity, up to cu.m/h Height (C), mm Width (A), mm Depth (B), mm Power consumption, W/h
«Yatagan К 1,5» 1500 450 1500 350 150
«Yatagan К 30,0» 30 000 2000 4000 2000 3000
«Yatagan К 100,0» 100 000 3000 6000 4500 10000

* The specifications listed above are for reference only; the actual specifications can vary

Yatagan K installation:

  • Easy to install into any recirculating or supply HVAC systems.
  • The Yatagan unit is connected to the 220 V mains and to a standard earthing bus. The sensors and control systems ensure safe operation and turn the power off in case of any deviations.
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