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Intended use: The equipment Yatagan Depo disinfectants over clothes, footwear, PPEs and exposed skin to prevent germs ingress indoors.

Results of the application Yatagan DEPO Max:

  • prevent virus ingress indoors on clothes and footwear
  • reduce the risk of infection without wearing PPEs
  • sterilize any items brought inside (boxes, plastic bags…)

Yatagan Depo applications:

  • Malls, schools, kindergartens, etc.
  • Office building entrances
  • Entrances to production facilities and buildings


Yatagan Depo Max specifications:

  1. Double-side spraying tunnel
  2. Number of nozzles: 14
  3. Disinfectant capacity: 80 l
  4. Number of spraying cycles: 450 – 600
  5. Cycle period: 2 sec.
  6. Contactless automated activation
  7. Dimensions (HxDxW), mm: 2,150x900x1,500
  8. Enclosure material: SS
  9. Vandal-proof components
  10. Power supply: 220 V, 50 W
  11. Spent disinfectant suction: yes
  12. Operation in windy conditions: yes

Yatagan Depo Max benefits:

  • Ready to use, just plug it in.
  • Can be operated outdoors, in windy conditions--just anywhere!
  • Low disinfection cost per person.
  • It takes just 2-3 sec. to sterilize one person. Suitable for large manufacturing companies.


Yatagan Depo МАХ overview:

  1. Fits into any room / entrance / checkpoint.
  2. Yatagan Depo Max has transparent PVC strip curtains.
  3. Activated automatically by a contactless sensor as a person approaches.
  4. The pump delivers disinfectant from the embedded tank to the nozzles.
  5. Soles are disinfected at a mat on the tunnel bottom.
  6. Most of the disinfectant settles down on the person; the pump removes the excess.


The equipment Yatagan Depo can use virtually any disinfectant: 70 to 95% alcohol, chlorhexidine 1%, sodium hypochlorite, etc. (free of thickeners.)

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