Yatagan DEPO 1 Disinfection portal


Intended use: The equipment Yatagan Depo disinfectants over clothes, footwear, PPEs and exposed skin to prevent germs ingress indoors.

Results of the application Yatagan DEPO 1:

  • prevent virus ingress indoors on clothes and footwear
  • reduce the risk of infection without wearing PPEs
  • sterilize any items brought inside (boxes, plastic bags…)

Yatagan Depo applications:

  • Entrances to apartment blocks and houses
  • Office building entrances
  • Entrances to production facilities and buildings


Yatagan Depo 1 specifications:

  1. Single-side spraying tunnel
  2. Number of nozzles: 3
  3. Disinfectant capacity: 10 l
  4. Number of spraying cycles: 150 – 200
  5. Cycle period: 4 sec.
  6. Activation: contactless
  7. Dimensions (HxDxW), mm: 1,850x550x1,000
  8. Enclosure material: SS
  9. Vandal-proof components
  10. Power supply: 220 V, 50 W
  11. Spent disinfectant suction: no
  12. Operation in windy conditions: no

Yatagan Depo 1 benefits:

  • Ready to use, just plug it in.
  • Small footprint: fits into any building entrance.
  • Low disinfection cost per person.
  • Vandal-proof design: the tunnel can be left unattended.


Yatagan Depo 1 overview:

  1. The portal fits into any room / entrance / checkpoint.
  2. To activate, just wave your hand in from of the contactless sensor.
  3. The pump delivers disinfectant from the embedded tank to the nozzles.
  4. The person is expected to turn around for complete coverage.
  5. Soles are disinfected at a mat on the tunnel bottom.
  6. Most of the disinfectant settles down on the person, and only a small portion reaches the mat.


The equipment Yatagan Depo can use virtually any disinfectant: 70 to 95% alcohol, chlorhexidine 1%, sodium hypochlorite, etc. (free of thickeners.)

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